The 5 F’s of Fitness

Our Training Principles

So let’s break down some principles regarding the training process here at Rangell Fitness. We try to follow the 5 F’s of Fitness to uniquely address each client.

FORM. We can’t stress this F enough! Proper form is our number 1 key for creating a safe and effective training program. We don’t focus on how much you can lift, but rather if your form is hitting the targeted muscle groups in order to increase your intensity and maximise your results.

FUN. Getting into Fitness is a lifestyle change, meant to be fun. We want to create an uplifting experience that will become a daily habit. It might not be the fun you are accustomed to, but once you experience the lifestyle change, going to the gym will be just as enjoyable as your favourite hobby. Be ready to embrace a healthier lifestyle. We are here to make you feel motivated and happier than you have ever been.

FAILURE. We believe that training to failure builds strength and more importantly lasting endurance. Our goal in every workout is to fatigue your muscles and push you to your limits and with endurance the longer term results become evident.

FUEL. In order to achieve the most optimal results, every client will be taught the importance of rest and providing the body with the essential building blocks needed for remodelling your body. The physical component of your routine will work synergistically with the nutrition program provided for each client. Our dietitian (M.Sc. in Sports Nutrition) can help you design a nutrition plan based on your training intensity, lifestyle and goals.

FUNCTION. Each exercise is strategically placed in your routine with a specific purpose and goal. Our workouts are carefully designed to hit certain groups of muscles and to allow one to best utilize their time and efforts. We design your individualized routine based on your unique strengths, abilities and goals, while acknowledging that time is precious.

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