Our Mission

Our mission at Rangell Fitness is to create a unique personal training experience with the most up-to-date evidence based medicine and nutrition. We empower our clients to make physical and lifestyle changes that enhance their quality of life!

Our Motto

Improve your knowledge, empower your body and embrace your life!

Our Vision

  • To provide our clients with the knowledge, skills, support, motivation and educational resources that will allow them to explore their own fitness potential, as well as, enhance their quality of life now and in the future
  • To be known as a local and national leader in the industry, and to set the standard for personal training and health & wellness coaching.
  • To provide our clients with the most updated and scientifically sound evidence based medicine and nutrition

Our Philosophy

We understand there are many different ways to approach fitness and most people can get confused with what is right or wrong. The goal is to create what’s best for you!

The basis of our training programs is “muscle confusion.” We change the routine every 4-6 weeks, to hit the muscle with different exercises (eccentric versus concentric contractions and isometric versus isokinetic versus isotonic exercises) such that improvements never plateau.

“Once we keep shocking the body, we keep improving the body”

The idea is to have completely different programs as you progress, such that each routine motivates the client to give their best every time, knowing that that same exercise won’t be performed in the future.

We optimize the efficiency of each exercise in order to get the most benefits in the shortest time.
The right program, performed with the proper form, tempo and intensity combined with the correct nutrition will give the most optimal results in a short period of time. Each program will challenge your body and biological stamina, while getting you ready, physically and emotionally, to a next level of training.

As no two individuals are the same, no two routines are the same. Each routine is uniquely designed to hit the weaknesses of one’s body while optimizing one’s strengths. Our goal is to respect everyone’s individuality. We are all about YOU.


Health & Wellness Coach

Pre & Postnatal Fitness Specialist

Certified Online Trainer

Online Coaching - Worldwide

Personalized Nutrition - Worldwide

Personal Training - Toronto, CA

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