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raissa-in-black-dressRaissa came to Canada in her early twenties, leaving behind her family and her budding career. She comes from a pretty active family and her dad still runs marathons to this day.marathon-dad

Originally, the process of building a life in Canada was very difficult. Raissa was living in Vancouver and working for a fast food company, 12 hours a day with no days off. “It was a very tough time,” she recalls. In response, “I was smoking and drinking. I gained 32 pounds. I was really depressed.”

But instead of giving up, she made a personal pledge. “I promised myself that when I became Canadian I would be ‘the best Canadian’,” says Raissa. She was determined to get through that difficult period, get her permanent residency (PR) and go after the life she wanted.

“I knew I would change my life,” she says. And she did. Raissa got her PR, moved to Toronto, and signed up for the YMCA to improve her fitness. At first, “I didn’t know what to do, I wasn’t confident yet.”

beforeBut Raissa was consistent with her training. She lost weight and gained confidence, and other gym goers took notice, including some of the staff. An experienced trainer at the Y took her aside and asked her if she’d ever considered the idea of a career in fitness.

A lightbulb went off.

“He showed me I could do more at the gym than just work out… he showed me that I was inspiring people.”

Soon after Raissa got her fitness certification, the staff gave her some bootcamp classes to teach, and invited her to shadow one of the trainers.

And with that, Raissa’s career as a fitness trainer was born.

She went on to develop her own base of clients and, after a while, found her niche in postpartum training. She was starting to feel settled — but not for long.

While Raissa had been developing her career, her boyfriend (later to be her husband) was working on his. As an orthopaedic surgeon, he had been recently awarded a prestigious surgical fellowship at Harvard and Cornell for two years.

The big question: Would Raissa follow him?

After much discussion, Raissa decided to come with her boyfriend to the USA and live in Boston for a year, and New York City for a year. This was a rather tough decision. However, she soon realized that online training could provide her with the opportunity to stay connected with her clients, while offering the high level of service they were used to. Raissa decided it was time to learn more about it.

She became a Certified Online Trainer through the Online Trainer Academy.

competitionFurthermore, after being successful with her personal training and online training business, she took the opportunity to better herself and decided to adventure in a new challenge — competing professionally. In her first competition, Raissa not only impressed all her clients with an impressive stage presence but also impressed the judges.

In 2016 Raissa won first place in both the Amateur and Novice divisions during the biggest NPC event in the New England area, the Jay Cutler Classic in Boston.

A huge accomplishment for her!!!

With the same enthusiasm that she guides and motivates her clients all over the world, Raissa is continually learning with new certifications and new personal challenges.

If you are ready to make a change to a healthier lifestyle, check out our online coaching options where we’ve had huge success with clients all over the world.

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